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Introduction to Market Research Essay Example Essay Example

Introduction to Market Research Essay Example Paper Essay Introduction to Market Research Essay Introduction 1. is conducted to address a specific marketing decision for a specific firm of organization a) basic marketing research b) qualitative marketing research c) Quantitative marketing research d) Applied marketing research 2. Which of the following refers the way researcher go about using knowledge and evidence to reach objective conclusion about the real world a) Qualitative method b) Quantitative method c) Scientific method d) Primary method 3. The characteristic of data reflecting how pertinent these particular facts are the situation at hand is called a) Relevance b) Timeliness ) Completeness d) Significance 4. Which of the following is a subset of data and info that actually has some explanatory power enabling effective decision to be made a) Knowledge b) Intellectual capital c) Market Intelligence d) Decision support system 5. Which type of research is being conducted when a researcher conducts an experiment to answer the question? â€Å"Will consumer purchase more of our brand if we change the package design? a) Causal research b) Exploratory research c) Pilot study research d) Descriptive research 6. Which of the following means that something has been examine against reality using data? ) Causality b) Manipulation c) Empirical testing d) Spurious association 7. A research organization that specialized in the studies about advertising effectiveness is an example of a(n) a) Cross-functional team b) Standardized research service c) Research generalist d) Advocacy research organization 8. In a personal interview a respondent who replies â€Å"I don’t want to answer that question about my income last year. † Is exercising which right in a research? a) Right to privacy b) Right to be informed c) Right to informed consent d) Right to terminate the interview anytime 9. When a marketing manager conducts a test market but have already decided to ignore the result if they don’t support a nation launch of the product, is an example of a) Pseudo -research study b) A pretest c) A forecast analysis d) Informed consent 10. All of following are situation that often call for quantitative research, except a) When it is difficult to develop specific and actionable decision statement b) When conclusive evidence is desired c) When researchers want to learn how consumers use a product in natural settings d) When a fresh approach to study some problem is needed 1. Which qualitative research orientation in philosophy and psychology? a) Phenomenology b) Grounded theory c) Ethnography d) Anthropology 12. Which of the following is the most common size of a focus group? a) 1-2 b) 3-5 c) 6-10 d) 12-20 13. Which of the following is particular approach to probing that asks respondents to compare difference between brands at different levels? a) Interrogating b) Immersion c) Linking d) Laddering 14. Stella was asked to look at a picture of a woman sitting on a deserted beach and to describe what was happening in the picture. Essay Body Paragraphs to Market Research Essay Body Paragraphs She was then asked to tell what might happen next Stella was participating in a(n) a) Aptitude test b) Focus interview c) Thematic apperception test d) Focus blog 15. All of the following are common reason why secondary data don’t adequately satisfied research need, except: a) Outdated information b) Too expensive c) Variation in definition of terms d) Different units of measurement 16. Secondary data that originate inside the organization are called a) First order data b) Internal and proprietary c) Exclusive data d) Internal and valid data 17. When a research study is not conducted according to the plan in the proposal for the research study what kind of error is divided has occurred? a) Random sampling error b) Systematic error – non random sampling error c) Respondent error d) Implementation error 18. Systematic error is divided into which to general categories? a) Respondent error and administrative error b) Random sampling error and administrative error c) Respons e bias and interview error d) Primary error and secondary error 19. The tendency for respondents to agree with most question in a survey is known as a) Auspices bias ) Interviewer bias c) Extremity bias d) Acquiescence bias 20. â€Å"Can you tell me more about what do you mean by that? † it is an example of a) A mall intercept b) A self administered questionnaire c) A probe d) The drop off method 21. Which of the following survey method over the lowest degree of respondent’s anonymity? a) Telephone interview b) Mail survey c) Mall intercept interview d) Internet survey 22. Observing a person television viewing habit is an example of which type of observation? a) Verbal records b) Expressive behavior c) Physical actions d) Physical objects 23. All of the following can not be observed except a) Intentions b) Attitudes c) Physical behavior d) Feelings 24. Measuring the distances visitors stand from a painting in a VAN GOUGH exhibit at the same Louis Art Museum is an examp le of what type of observation? a) Verbal behavior b) Temporal patterns c) Expressive behavior d) Spatial relations 25. When a researcher analyze the content of advertisement appearing on cartoons on a Saturday morning in terms of the types of characters that appears in ads, this is an example of what type of observation a) Contrived analysis b) Content analysis c) Indirect analysis ) Entrapment 26. When an airline passenger (who is really an employee of the airlines) complain loudly about his not being serve a vegetarian. Girls saw that he can note the behavior of the fight attendant in this type of situation, this is an example of what type of situation a) Content analysis b) Indirect c) Contrived d) Response latency 27. A researcher is conducting an experiment in which one group of people is exposed to an advertisement and another group is exposed to another advertisement. He is examining the effect of headline font size on consumers attitude towards the brands advertise. The par ticipants in this experiment research are refereed to as a) Respondents b) Elements c) Factorials d) Subjects 28. Categorical variable like a subject gender/ethnicity are known as which type of variable in experimental research? a) Blocking variable b) Covariates c) Main variable d) Confounds 29. All of the following are experimental design issues expect a) Select and design of subjects to treatments b) Control over extraneous variable c) Manipulation of the independent variable d) Manipulation of the dependent variable 30. Which of the following means that there is an alternative explanation beyond the experimental variables for any observe difference in the dependent variable? a) Confound b) Interaction c) Randomization d) Repeated measures 31. Which term refers to an experimental design element that unintentionally provides subject with hints about the research hypothesis? a) Demand characteristic b) Hawthorne effect c) Testing effect d) Confounding effect 32. Which experimental design involves manipulating a single independent variable to observe its effect on a single dependent variable? a) A primary experimental design b) Basic experimental design ) Factorial experimental design d) Counterbalanced experimental design 33. When sales people are tested one year after a sales training program and perform better on the exam, not because of the training program, but because they have gained one years experience in sales, this is an example of a a) Selection effect b) Maturation effect c) History effect d) Cohort effect 34. The question ask to whether the independent variables was the sale cause of the change in the dependent variable is the basic issue in a) A reputed measures study b) Interval validity c) A matching study d) External validity 35. ____ is the process of describing some property of a phenomenon, usually by assigning numbers, in a reliable and valid way a) A research b) Analysis c) Validation d) Measurement 36. Which type of scale is, at the mos t, a ranking scale? a) Radio b) Interval c) Nominal (female, male) d) Ordinal (order) 37. Which type of validity addresses the question, â€Å"does my measure correlate with measures of similar concepts or known quantitative? a) Face validity b) Reliability validity c) Criterion validity d) Discriminant validity 38. â€Å"I hate asparagus† is an example of which component of an attitude toward asparagus? a) Effective b) Behavioral ) Cognitive d) Perception 39. All of the following are disadvantages of open ended response question, except a) Cost b) Interviewer bias c) The info provided by responses isn’t useful to decision makers d) Articulate individuals give a large share of response 40. â€Å"What is your favorite hobby, playing video games or what? † is an example of what type of question? a) Loaded b) Pivot c) Filter d) Leading 41. A single element or group elements that is eligible for selection via the sampling process is called a a) Sampling panel b) Sa mpling unit c) Sampling error d) Sampling quota 42. As sample size _, random sampling error _ ) Increases, increases b) Decreases, decreases c) Increases, Decreases d) Increases, remains unchanged 43. In which type of sampling those every element in the population have a known nonzero probability of selection? a) Absolute sampling b) Relative sampling c) Non probability sampling d) Probability sampling 44. If a researcher for Procter and gamble selects 5 states randomly, and then select 10 supermarkets chains which of there states to call for a phone survey for a test market of a new shampoo, what type of sampling procedure is being used? a) Systematic sample b) Sample random error c) Nonprobability sample ) Cluster sample 45. Measures computed from sample data are called a) Sample statistic b) Population parameters c) Sample frequencies d) Normalized scores 46. Which type of errors occurs when the researcher concludes a relationship exist when in fact one does not exist? a) Type 1 b) Type 2 c) Type 3 d) Type 4 47. A researchers hypothesis that males and females differ when respect to attitude towards sport sponsorship. To investigate this hypothesis that these 2 groups attitude differ, he will use a) Bivariate test of differences b) Univariate test of differences c) Multivariate test of differences d) Cluster analysis 48. Which test is appropriate comparing the score of 2 internal variables drawn from related populations? a) Anova b) Relative t-test c) Relative C2-test d) Pair-sample t-test 49. Which test should be used when comparing the means of 3 groups to see if they significantly different from one another a) One-group t-test b) Anova test c) Two group t-test d) Chi square test 50. 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